The Wes Anderson Collection


Every film has a costume designer, but Wes Anderson manages to use fashion to set tone and advance the plot in a way that is all his own. I am not ashamed to admit that I have seen The Royal Tenenbaums about 20 times and am more than slightly obsessed with Margot and her ever-present air of melancholia that struck a little too close to home. This October, a new book called The Wes Anderson Collection will detail Anderson’s life and work and how one informs the other. Written by critic Mark Zoller Seitz, the book will feature previously unpublished photos and artwork and hopefully put a finer point on why many of Anderson’s films have a vaguely 70’s sepia-tone thing going on. Oh, the introduction is written by MIchael Chabon, so there’s that. The Wes Anderson Collection will be released October 1 and is available for pre-order here.

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