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Benthic Necklace by Hunter Gatherer Jewelry


Some girls like a nice string of perfect heirloom pearls, while others prefer their jewelry with the slightest touch of melancholy. I fall into the latter camp, so I was I was thrilled to come across Hunter Gatherer, a darkly beautiful jewelry collection based right here in Chicago. Designed by Laura Prieto-Velasco, Hunter Gatherer does away with the artifice commonly found in fine jewelry in favor of a confident minimalism that lets the structure and design speak for itself. This piece, the Benthic Necklace, is on my wish list: 6 vintage mica rings hang from a hand-knotted black leather necklace. Black leather and weathered metal- it really doesn’t get any more perfect than that.  Hunter Gatherer Benthic Necklace, $90.  See the entire Hunter Gatherer FW13 collection here

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